Meo Imports was established in 2012, and is proud to be the first wholesaler in Toronto to present handmade products made of genuine cork imported from Portugal.

The company was established with the initiative of bringing innovative and extraordinary products to the North American market. By selling the finest eco-friendly materials with the latest trends in design, we offer a sustainable high quality alternative for our customers. 

We are dedicated to giving you the very best of handmade and eco-friendly products, and having our beautifully sustainable products in stores throughout North America.

We are continuously inspired by nature, and in turn recognize the role we play that directly impacts the environment. Social responsibility, continuously learning, educating consumers, and uphold excellence, are our integral values.
With our eco-friendly and vegan products, you can create a better world and do it in style; and because we love nature, we choose to work within the boundaries of its harmony and preservation.

Our luxurious products are handmade in Portugal. The perfect combination of traditional artisanal craftsmanship with modern technologies, meticulous attention to detail and a love for design, has allowed us to provide exceptionally unique products.
With a focus in cork, our sustainable handbags, shoes, wallets, jewellery, etc. are functional, versatile and stylish; perfect for any occasion. They are lightweight, durable, soft to the touch, water resistant, easy to clean, and with a long-lasting high-quality finish.

Our company’s core philosophy is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!